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Courier shipments

The company PONY-EXPRESS GMBH offers continue to provide a courier service 

for documents and for small packages afterRussia on!!

Only the “urgent” service is currently discontinued and therefore unfortunately not more possible. 

ThePriority-Service and the economy service however, continue to run. 

Transit times:

Normally lastDocuments around the10 working days and
for Small packages will benormally around 18 working days needed.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, everything is taking a little longer.
Here are a few runtime examplesdocuments for shipping in 2023:
Departure from Bern on: July 24, 2023 
Arrival atMoscow:  August 3, 2023
Departure from Bern on: May 17th2023
Arrival atSt. Petersburg: June 9, 2023
Departure from Bern on: March 30, 2023
ArrivalinVyborg on: April 24, 2023   


This courier service isonly for DOCUMENTS and isnot for Cash (notes), securities such as shares, bank

checks and so on. That would then be a transport of valuables and would therefore no longer be an actual letter shipment. 


It will be oneSanctions list is run by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO!

Please referthe following link:  

click here

There you will find information about the sanction measures 

as well as to theSECO contact details.


Please note that if the Russian recipient is on the sanctions list,

It then doesn't matter whether it's a document shipment or a shipment of goods! 


According to the Federal Department of Economy, education and research WBF, 

dem State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, Department 

Bilateral economic relations (sanctions) are in accordance with the federal regulation
Funds and economic resources owned or controlled 

of natural persons, companies and organizations according to the appendix (see link below)
are locked.

It is prohibited to give these natural persons, companies and organizations 

to transfer funds or send them funds and economic resources directly or 

to provide indirectly!

It must be clarified in each individual case, 

whether there is “control” or “ownership”. 

SECO points out that “control” can also exist, 

without a sanctioned natural person having a majority shareholding 

holds on to a company.

Finally, SECO points out that 

that the responsibility for compliance with the regulation 

lies with the companies and other affected parties. 

The regulation seesno general ban on letters and 

Shipments of goods to Russia, so 

as long as the provisions of the regulation are complied with, 

such shipments are possible.

click here

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Please send your documents to the following address:


Martiweg 14

CH - 3008 Bern, BE


Delivery standard from Pony-Express GmbH:
Fornot such important shipments, we ask you to tell us whether ourStandard service (so one
deliveryonly to Your confidant/only to the person you give us as a recipient have specified)
should be maintained. Or whether We can also send your shipment to someone else (for example to a
guard, a neighbor and someone else in the neighborhood) your not so important documents
may/should hand over if your contact person is not on site that day
we want to give your envelope to him or her. Thiswill be from usnot recommended, but may be better
as if the recipient afterwards (when he or she arrived back at the office/home) yours
Envelope laborious has to run after. Thank you for your message in your transport order.

return receipt (our delivery confirmation):

Your Russian document recipient should please use the one shown below
Return receipt Sign and hand it to the delivery service. 
Please tell your customers this. Thank you.


Digital shipment tracking:

Unfortunately, our chosen one offers Russian delivery service for the «Priority»-Service 

no digital «Track & Trace» system during which your documents 

from the Switzerland to Russia (in transit) condition.

In transit (Switzerland -> Russia), your shipment is unfortunately flying blind.

Therefore, at times when dThe “Urgent” service no longer works (off
known reasons) unfortunately no exact (digital) locations will be confirmed back to you, 

until Your shipment has reached Russian soil.     

However, Pony-Express GmbH also has the above-mentioned, 

something old-fashioned, manual
Card system in operation, 

which of the recipients of your documents in Russia (as with everyone
shipment of goods), such as a delivery note 

has to sign, if your Russian recipient 

Your Documents are handed over. It However, it takes some time until these cards then the office 

from the Pony-Express GmbH will arrive again from Russia. 

ForNew customers:

Please click on the .pdf file, if open, then print it out

Stamp on page four of four and have it legally signed.

Then please send it to Pony-Express G together with your envelopembH to Bern.

Thank you for all your efforts and understanding.

Place of jurisdiction:

Bern, Canton of Bern, CH


Unbedingt beachten: 
Die Sanktionsmassnahmen im Zusammenhang mit der Situation in der Ukraine.
hier anklicken
 (Sanktionen gegen Russland)

Bern, Kanton Bern, CH

PONY-EXPRESS GMBH, Bern (BE), Switzerland (CH)

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